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Butterfly Express as a great essential oil guidebook available to keep at your fingertips. It provides detail on each essential oil and all of the many uses you can use in your everyday life. 
Available to purchase for $15.95.

Other great information provided by Butterfly Express.

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Butterfly Express offers a great three hours online class to get you started with understanding how to use essential oils. The class covers

    • The history of essential oils and where they come from
    • The various schools of thought on how to use essential oils
    • Plant families in relation to essential oils
    • Plant physiology in relationship to essential oil function
    • Frequency and synergy
    • The need for 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils
    • The difference between blended oils and single oils
    • Basic principles of essential oils - how they do what they do
    • Using essential oils to restore balance within the body
    • The shelf life of essential oils
    • Safety guidelines to consider when using essential oils
    • How and why to use a carrier oil when topically applying essential oils
    • Methods of use when incorporating essential oils into everyday life
    • Essential oils and balancing emotions
    • What essential oil to use for specific symptoms

This 3 hour class is designed for the beginner as well as the individual who has
been using essential oils for some time. We cover a wide range of topics and
make the practice of using essential oils fun and easy. By the end of this class
you will know how to effectively use essential oils in most situations.

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