Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heal those Heel's

I have always had such horrible cracked heel's. At least a couple times a year, I get the worse crack in at least one my heel's that ends up being so bad that it starts to bleed. There is nothing worse than getting a huge gash in your heel that with every step you are reminded of the pain. What are we suppose to do? Not walk and give it time to heal. If you are like me, we don't have the time to let the crack heal on it's on, so we continue to deal with the pain. I have tried super glue, Nu-Skin, and lots and lots of lotion. Although these temporarily take the pain away, the crack just needs time to close on it's own.  Now my goal is to prevent those large gaping cracks from ever appearing again.

I have created a lovely lotion bar that leaves your heel and foot feeling silky and smooth. For best results, apply to your heel and foot right before bed, your feet will be slightly slippery, so slip on some socks and let it work its magic while you are sleeping. Use daily to prevent those nasty cracks.

Lavender Lotion Bar - Large 2.75 oz -- $9.00

Or visit my Etsy shop here.

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