Thursday, April 16, 2015

Waxing Is Therapeutic

It's crazy to think that I find sugaring my legs some what therapeutic. When I am stressed and overwhelmed with too many things to do, I find myself finding the time to pamper myself for a couple of hours and sugar my legs. There is something about removing all the hair on my legs that gives me instant gratifcation.

It does take a while to sugar, especially the first couple of times, but having smooth legs for a couple of weeks is so worth it. Because our hair has different growth cycles I have found the best results when I sugar and than wait a week or two shave and than wait another week or so and shave again and than let them all grow out for a couple of days before I wax again. Doing it this way seems to get a lot more hairs on the same growth cycle so when I sugar, my legs are smoother for a lot longer. Results may vary by person, but this seems to work for me. Sugaring definitely decreases the appearance of hair and your legs won't feel as prickly.

If you have never sugared or been sugared, you really should consider it. I am totally addicted. It makes me feel so good about myself. Besides feeling good, my hubby loves it too.

Sugaring is also great for armpits, arms, bikini, and brazillians. If you get in a sticky mess, just jump in the shower. It washes right off. No more yucky messy wax and strips.